Pro Setup

Our sites are built to be easy for anyone to use, but our Pros do it every day.

We know your life is busy. You have dogs to feed, shows to attend and deliveries to make. If you’d rather spend your time with your dogs than on a computer, our Professional Setup option may be perfect for you.

When you enroll in Professional Setup, you’ll be paired with one of our friendly website experts. You’ll have direct communication with one person who will dedicate up to 5 hours to getting your site where you want it.

This time can be used to:

  • Get your dogs and puppies added to your site
  • Properly resize your images, logos or other graphics
  • Establish a professional brand on your website
  • Help you create a contact form that does exactly what you need
  • Help you post your first litter on your site
  • Make SEO recommendations and even help apply page titles/descriptions throughout your site
  • Or provide assistance with many other website support topics!

Once your site is exactly where you want it to be, your Pro will launch your site and ensure that you feel comfortable editing your site moving forward. And, if you’re ever stuck, we’re just an email away.

While five hours is plenty of time for most websites, some clients may benefit from additional time working directly with a Pro. We can arrange for this additional support on an hourly rate basis.

Make your dogs shine.

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